My Purpose

I am Miss Jordan, and my purpose is to awaken humanity to an elevated way of being through connection, understanding, and inner-truth. 

I aim to help others find the TRUTH of their SOUL and LIVE from that space in order to experience their greatest expression of self, and the purest connection to Source. 

I believe in cultivating massive abundance in your own experience, so that you may have the ability to impact the experience of another.

The Unicorn Way - Miss Jordan is a spiritual awakening and women’s empowerment coach | Spiritual Awakening, Women's empowerment, Coaching, Become Your Truth, Women's Retreat, Open channel, Light-worker >>
Professional Bio

Jordan Candelaria, commonly known as “Miss Jordan” is a spiritual-awakening and women’s empowerment consultant. She is the creator and founder of The Unicorn Way, a company that helps people worldwide identify the truth of their soul and live from that space. 

Jordan is the host of 5 annual signature transformational women's events:
Become Your Truth, Women’s Weekend, (Santa Ana Pueblo) in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Truth Arising, Spiritual-awakening Retreat, in Tulum, Mexico
Truth Expanded, Elite Visionary Retreat, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Truth Aware, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Retreat, in Tulum, Mexico
Truth Unfolded, Leadership Training, in Dominical, Costa Rica

Women across the globe work have worked intimately with Jordan through her year-long coaching program, The Unveiling, and her 11-week intensive program, Open Channel, where she opened channel to Source to bring forth messages of divine guidance. She has also served men and women, alike, internationally, through sacred-mediumship and angel card readings.

Miss Jordan has influenced and inspired others over the last decade across several different industries including: Professional Competitive Fitness, Beauty and Cosmetics, Advertising and Entertainment, Rehabilitation and Self-Development, Motivational Speaking, Self-Love, and Spiritual-Awakening. Being that she is both a published model and author, she has inspired others that anything is possible. Currently, Jordan is quickly becoming most well-known for both her transformational in-person experiences, and her Spoken Word artistry.

To aid in bringing balance between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and create MASS Impact, Jordan will be guiding an ELITE year-long, co-ed business mastermind in 2019. Freedom Of Truth Mastermind aims to amplify ones income and impact, while ensuring that an individual stands firm in their true purpose for the betterment of OUR world.

Miss Jordan is a true light-worker and motivator and serves wholeheartedly in every space she enters. Her infectious energy can be felt immediately by those willing to let the light in and experience life differently. 

The Unicorn Way - Miss Jordan is a spiritual awakening and women’s empowerment coach | Spiritual Awakening, Women's empowerment, Coaching, Become Your Truth, Women's Retreat, Open channel, Light-worker >>

Lori Harder

Jordan is a trail blazer and light worker! Her message is tangible, real and authentic. She teaches women to discover, uncover and step into their truth in order to BECOME the most powerful versions of themselves. Her unique gift to be vulnerable and create safe spaces to share, allows women to look honestly and lovingly at what is holding them back in order to take action on their goals.

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Ryan Yokome

Jordan is blazing the trail to help women live their highest truth. Every day she inspires me to play bigger, get deeper, and share my passions with the world. Jordan is a beautiful blend of heart, soul, creativity, authenticity, and intellect. She will crack open your potential and lead you to become the person you've always wanted to be. That's what I love about Jordan. She'll give you a hug when you feel down, and a kick in the ass when you're giving your power away. I love working with Jordan, and I know you will too!

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